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Indulgent Quoting: Buckminster Fuller 1981

I can’t believe there are no Bucky quotes on this blog yet. I was reminded of this passage from Critical Path, p223, while writing piece on the subject “Schools of the Future: Why Architects Matter.” Paying people to stay home … Continue reading

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Neenan Clips: May through August 2011

Self-Cleaning Buildings and Other Ideas from Nature Material Facts: Adapting to Adaptive Reuse Summer Reading for Design Inspiration Big Ideas for Small Schools Holla for Rolla: Lean Healthcare Makes Some Noise Learning to Sit in Rows? Biomimicry: The Sincerest Form … Continue reading

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Posting on Posting: LEAN vs NEAT

i was asked a really interesting question recently about efficiency : sustainability : activity can sustainability make us fat? LEAN vs NEAT image credits: jim crocker, grahamc99, jekert gwapo, adam nfk smith

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CSR from the Urban Datascape to Impact Investing

The CRD Analytics blog is moving full speed ahead. This month we zoom out on the city and in on the money to look at world of sustainable investing from both physical and monetary perspectives. Check out the latest: CRD … Continue reading

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The Past Month’s Worth of Neenan Clips at Last

It’s nice to have such a full life, too bad my blog has to suffer! Here’s the backlog of what I’ve been working on over the past month or so for The Neenan Company. Sustainability By Any Other Word My … Continue reading

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