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Indulgent Quoting: Buckminster Fuller 1981

I can’t believe there are no Bucky quotes on this blog yet. I was reminded of this passage from Critical Path, p223, while writing piece on the subject “Schools of the Future: Why Architects Matter.” Paying people to stay home … Continue reading

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Beauty and Endearing Destiny

pic: smastrong “Be fun and engaging and strive for an aesthetic outcome. Government, business, and environmental organization cannot create a sustainable society. It will only come about through the accumulated effects of daily acts of billions of eager participants. Some … Continue reading

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Machine Aesthetic

  Photo: NREL “Since it is correct to say that culture in its widest sense means independence of Nature, then we must not wonder that the machine stands in the forefront of our cultural will-to-style…. Consequently, the spiritual and practical … Continue reading

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