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Daniela Morell holds a Masters in Architectural Science with a concentration in Built Ecologies from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute's Center for Architecture Science and Ecology in New York City. Her writing, research, and design work is guided by a value system for sustainability that includes both the responsible use of energy and material resources, as well as the social need for design to inspire more ecologically balanced living.

Indulgent Quoting: Buckminster Fuller 1981

I can’t believe there are no Bucky quotes on this blog yet. I was reminded of this passage from Critical Path, p223, while writing piece on the subject “Schools of the Future: Why Architects Matter.” Paying people to stay home … Continue reading

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Neenan Clips: May through August 2011

Self-Cleaning Buildings and Other Ideas from Nature Material Facts: Adapting to Adaptive Reuse Summer Reading for Design Inspiration Big Ideas for Small Schools Holla for Rolla: Lean Healthcare Makes Some Noise Learning to Sit in Rows? Biomimicry: The Sincerest Form … Continue reading

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In Bup We Truss

I finally made it out to Governors Island for Burble Bup construction. Today was all about building walls by stacking wattles and trussing them together with aqua-colored ropes. Much to my surprise I think this thing might actually end up … Continue reading

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Processing Drawing #1

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Recent Neenan Clips

Revisiting Renewables at a Nuclear Moment Stairs 4 Us The Active Design Challenge A Deep Breath of Radical Innovation Rethinking Use: Towards Sustainable Inventions? Triple Cheers for Alamosa Underlining the Triple Bottom Line at Sargent Junior and Senior High School … Continue reading

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Wattle You Bring?

What a beautiful day to make architecture. It’s week number two of year number two for building the Figment NYC City of Dreams Pavilion. This year the Mexican/NYC firm Bittertang won the honor and hard work of design-build for the … Continue reading

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Indulgent Quoting: Mumford, 1961

“There is nevertheless one outstanding difference between the first urban epoch and our own. Ours is an age of a multitude of socially undirected technical advances, divorced from any other ends than the advancement of science and technology. We live … Continue reading

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