Indulgent Quoting: Mumford, 1961

“There is nevertheless one outstanding difference between the first urban epoch and our own. Ours is an age of a multitude of socially undirected technical advances, divorced from any other ends than the advancement of science and technology. We live in fact in an exploding universe of mechanical and electronic invention, whose parts are moving at a rapid pace ever further and further away from their human center, and from any rational, autonomous human purposes. This technological explosion has produced a similar explosion of the city itself: the city has burst open and scattered its complex organs and organizations over the entire landscape. The walled urban container indeed has not merely been broken open: it has also been largely demagnetized, with the result that we are witnessing a sort of devolution of urban power into a state of randomness and unpredictability. In short, our civilization is running out of control, overwhelmed by its own resources and opportunites, as well as its super-abundant fecundity.”

Lewis Mumford, The City in History, pp. 33-34


About Daniela

Daniela Morell holds a Masters in Architectural Science with a concentration in Built Ecologies from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute's Center for Architecture Science and Ecology in New York City. Her writing, research, and design work is guided by a value system for sustainability that includes both the responsible use of energy and material resources, as well as the social need for design to inspire more ecologically balanced living.
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