Clips: What is Gender Equality in the Green Economy?

Where do women stand in today’s job economy? And what is a green job? The classic gender and diversity issues still roil under the promise of a greener future. There have always been strong women and feminist men in my life. I rarely think of myself as being disadvantaged for being female, but looking at the numbers maybe this is a mistake.

These are questions close to my heart. With a freshly minted degree in Built Ecologies, the post-diploma period is shaping up to be a haze of freelance gigs and endless networking. Doing real work that makes an impact and supporting myself in a lean economy is not always synergistic. The journey has taken me through such physically and intellectually divergent roles as holiday decorating department stores (PVC fake pine needles, maybe not the most sustainable) to CSR analytics (impact-investment game changer!), always with tons of writing along the way. I have no idea whether gender is playing into it, all I know is that I feel empowered and frustrated at the same time.

I started researching these issues for my Neenan post this week, What is Gender Equality in the Green Economy? I’d love to hear what you think.

image credit: mollypop


About Daniela

Daniela Morell holds a Masters in Architectural Science with a concentration in Built Ecologies from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute's Center for Architecture Science and Ecology in New York City. Her writing, research, and design work is guided by a value system for sustainability that includes both the responsible use of energy and material resources, as well as the social need for design to inspire more ecologically balanced living.
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